Healthy options are easy to find in Eat at UCD restaurants


Eat Right, Live Right with KSG

KSG’s wellness program, Eat Right, Live Right (ERLR), aims to educate, enable and empower our customers to make the healthier choice, the easier choice. We do this by committing to always having healthy snack options and by promoting healthful practices within all of our cafes.

Check out our wellness website at for honest and interesting nutrition insights!


Nutritious Offerings

Healthy options are easy to find in Eat at UCD restaurants.

Look out for our healthy corners where you will find ‘good for you’ snack options including fruit and nut bars, rice cakes, fresh fruit, popcorn and mixed nuts among others.

Choosing water or low sugar drinks and combining these with a healthy meal or snack can help to sustain energy for longer. Find them in our fridges!

Rest assured that all our coffees are made with low fat milk, our made to order sandwiches use low fat mayonnaise and our soups are made with gluten free ingredients.

A range of gluten free confectionery and sandwiches are also available.

Did you know that eating better can improve your state of mind and productivity?

Allergen Information

Allergen information is readily available in all units, just ask your server!

Allergen legislation which was recently introduced makes it easier for the consumer to make informed decisions on what they are eating.

Allergen information on all our dishes is available throughout UCD. Our suppliers have provided allergen information on all our fresh ingredients. Our nutritionist has reviewed our delicious recipes and identified which allergens are in each of our dishes.

This information is available in all of our UCD restaurants to our customers.